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Amazon Wishlist

Please take a moment to review our Amazon Wishlist. These items have been selected to help us in our efforts. I have switched the wish list to my account because charitable organizations are not allowed to list gift cards. Gift cards have been recommended by a donor and requested so I can give them to my volunteers as a thank you for their dedication and commitment to what we do. They do it all free of charge and donate endless hours to tracking fugitives, shutting down harmful websites, and researching and providing tips to law enforcement. To date, we have helped shut down almost 700 child porn sites. That's what my volunteers do - they do the difficult stuff of delving into the dark web and finding these predators. Most of them are retired military veterans and continue to serve in this capacity because it means something to them. They still want to protect us and I am grateful for their service. 

Amazon Wishlist


Snacks? Why so many snacks? We are asking for snack donations as our volunteers often work odd hours and late into the evening sometimes. The snacks enable them to continue to be productive without having to prepare a full meal.


Your donations are greatly appreciated and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Sincerely, Lydia Lerma

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